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Albert Einstein College of Medicine:【#58】  

Boston College:【202】

Boston University:【206】  

California Institute of Technology (CALTECH):【138】

Case Western Reserve University:【212】

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center:【#08】

Cleveland Clinic【144】

Columbia University:【203】

Cornell University:【215】   

Duke University:【#99】

Emory University:【213】   

Harvard University / Harvard Medical School:【189】

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health:【#79】

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai:【151】

Johns Hopkins University:【216】   

Kansus State University:【222】

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL):【150】  

Louisiana State University:【218】   

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH):【#64】

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):【#94】

Mayo Clinic:【107】

Michigan State University:【229】 

Michigan Technological University 【143】

National Institute of Health (NIH):【119】

New York University (NYU):【228】

Northwestern University:【230】

Ohio State University:【217】

Oregon Health & Science University:【154】

Princeton University:【211】

Rutgers University:【231】  

Scripps Research Institute:【147】

Stanford University:【#63】 

Stony Brook University:【136】 

Texas A&M University System:【148】

Texas Tech University:【152】

Tufts University:【223】  

University of Alabama in Huntsville:【149】

University of Arizona:【208】

University of California, Berkeley (UCB):【219】

University of California, Davis (UC Davis):【226】

University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine):【110】

University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA):【153】

University of California, San Diego (UCSD):【103】  

University of Chicago:【198】

University of Cincinnati:【113】

University of Colorado, Boulder:【205】 

University of Colorado, Denver:【200】

University of Connecticut:【146】

University of Florida:【#95】  

University of Georgia:【137】

University of Hawaii‐Manoa:【201】  

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign:【106】 

University of Kansas:【227】  

University of Massachusetts ‐ Amherst:【105】

University of Miami:【210】

University of Michigan‐Ann Arbor:【232】 

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities:【224】  

University of Oklahoma:【145】

University of Oregon:【131】

University of Pennsylvania:【221】 

University of Pittsburgh:【199】  

University of Southern California:【141】

University of Texas‐Austin:【214】

University of Texas‐Health Science Center at Houston:【125】 

University of Texas‐Medical Branch at Galveston:【135】  

University of Utah:【127】  

University of Virginia:【209】 

University of Washington, Seattle:【220】

University of Wisconsin‐Madison:【204】  

Vanderbilt University:【225】  

Washington University in St. Louis:【207】  

Yale University:【134】